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Best Car Shade Australia, custom-fit, provides additional shade for babies and kids. Our car window shade keeps providing shading when the car window is opened. Window operation is not interfered with by car sun shade installation.

Easy to install, snap shades on the metal window frame, put on, and remove at any time.

RVSUNSHADES car shades are one of the best car sun shades in Australia. It provides a classy, elegant finish to enhance your vehicle while also keeping everyone inside the sunshine, and protecting the carโ€™s interior in the process.

At RV SUNSHADES, youโ€™ll be guaranteed product quality of our car sun shades, great customer service, and free factory fitting to ensure that your new purchase does exactly what you need it to.

Type of car sun shades:

There are quite some popular types of car shades available in the market place:

  1. Magnetic Snap-on Car Window Shades

    the best option among all types. It is fitted inside, not interfere to window operation, still blocking UV & sunlight when car window is down. The best car window shade among all car shade types.

  2. Mesh Window Socks which is dressed on car doors

    With one side exposed to the harsh Australian weather, it is aged and fade very fast. Furthermore, two layers of mesh block your driving blind spot vision, causing driving safety issue.

  3. Window Tint type window film

    Like window tint but printed in color. Instead of optical UV blocking like window tint film, it is a physical blocking type to stick on window glass. Not only it blocks driver’s vision completely, it doesn’t block anything when car window is down.

  4. Universal mesh with suction cup

    A mesh shade with suction cup on it. They are not custom fit design, with edges and corner uncovered. Because of the suction cup on window glass, you cannot wind the window down when car shades are fitted.

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