Which postal service carriers do we use?

December 5, 2023 Off By RVSUNSHADES

Some of you might have bad experiences and frustrations with postal services delivering your online purchase.

You might have a question that why sellers selected such a bad postal service carrier to deliver your purchase. Here let us tell you what happened.


We classified postal service providers into 3 main categories below with screenshots showing the public rating of each of them:

General Size Postal Services

Postal services handle mainly regular-size parcels, either by dimension or weight of the parcel.

Carrier Auspost

General & Large Size Postal Services

Postal services handle small and larger sizes parcels that the previous category will not accept, e.g., exceeding 22kg per parcel, maximum length 105cm, or maximum dimension not exceeding 0.25 cubic meters.

Carrier Couriersplease Carrier AramexCarrier StartrackCarrier Tnt Carrier Toll

Large Size Logistics & Freight Services

Logistic and freight service providers, specialized in handling bulky products, eg palletized, skid, etc.

Carrierhunter Carrier Allied


Have you noticed their public rating score? 

As you may be aware apart from Australia Post, none of them has a rating score of more than 1.4 out of 5.0

In other words, regardless of which one a seller chooses to use, there is always a huge chance to receive complaints from buyers for the poor postal services and will question sellers why they chose such a bad service provider to deliver their parcel.

The service providers pool is here and sellers have to use them despite every one of them with such a poor rating.


Understanding how these postal services operate

There are two significant operations among these service providers, corporate operation and franchise operation.

Couriers Please and Aramex are typical franchise operations. Each franchisee will look after destinated areas, both parcel collections and deliveries. Therefore, the service quality varies significantly from area to area. Thus, the service quality might be just a particular franchisee rather than the carrier.

Australia Post, StarTrack, TNT, Toll etc. have their logistic operation. From parcel collection to delivery, the whole process is handled by respective carriers. In some occasions, outsourcing drivers could be the case in the areas where they are short of drivers in some areas.


How do we select a postal service carrier?

Currently, Australia Post and Couriers Please handle 90% of the orders for the following reasons:

  1. Australia Post is comparatively reliable. For orders with PO BOX address, we can only use Australia Post.
  2. If the parcel is oversized, or overweight, Australia Post will not be used because Australia Post has strict regulations on parcel size/dimension
  3. In some areas, sending parcels via Couriers Please could be faster than Australia Post, especially if the carrier has distribution centres. Therefore, we use a quote system to find out the cost and lead time for every order and then select the most suitable one