How to avoid buying wrong car sun shade for your car model?

December 8, 2020 0 By RVSUNSHADES

It is easy to get confused when your vehicle was dated during the build changing year.

For example,

HYUNDAI Santa Fe 3rd Genย DM/NCย ix45 2012-2018ย And

HYUNDAI Santa Fe 4th Genย TMย 2018-Present

When you purchased the vehicle in 2018, that could cause a problem when selecting the right set of car window shades. 2018 is the year that overlaps between 2 generations.




How to avoid buying a wrong set which doesn’t fit your vehicle?

To confirm the right car model of yours, the best place to look for is your car insurance policy.

In your car insurance policy, it will show you the Build Code of your vehicle.



Result of a mix up in vehicle build.


What to look for?

HYUNDAI Santa Fe 3rd Genย DMย 2012-2018

That is correct. “DM” is the build code of your vehicle. When the vehicle model is developed for more than one generation, the manufacturer will assign a code to the vehicle, to distinguish the generation of the model.

Therefore, in the above example, the Santa Fe is a 3rd generation model despite it was dated 2018 in compliance plate.

This code is usually 2 letter code. However, there is always exception. Also, you may not find this build code if the car model is a first-generation build.


Why did it happen?

This situation happened a lot when people purchase run out models during year-end sale event. Car dealers try to get rid of the old build for new build stocks.

If your vehicle was purchased as run out model, or during year-end sale, you better verify the build of your vehicle before choosing a car shade for your vehicle.




What if you purchased the wrong set?

If you purchased your set of car shades by mistake, keep car shades clean and putting shades back into packing. Any damage on the shade will void the warranty and not entitle for exchange or refund.

Contact us immediately by phone or email. It would be better to send us photos showing the car shades on the window, and the look of your vehicle. This allows us to evaluate if it is a wrong model or other possible issues.

Generally, you are required to return the goods to us in resellable condition. Once receiving your return, we will exchange the right set for you if you have provided us the build code and car photo.

For this kind of exchange, it is fair that you are responsible to pay for the returning postage and re-delivery cost for your negligence.

In case there is no correct set to replace, you may still return goods for a refund. Please see details ofย Return Policy.


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