Choosing the Right Car Sun Shade: A Guide to Avoid Mistakes

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Selecting the correct car sun shade for your vehicle can be a bit perplexing, especially if your car model spans multiple generations, creating potential confusion. Take, for example, the HYUNDAI Santa Fe, where the 2018 model falls into the overlapping period between the 3rd Gen DM/NC ix45 (2012-2018) and the 4th Gen TM (2018-Present).

Rvsunshades-Hyundai-Santa-Fe-2012-2018-Car-Shades-Set Rvsunshades-Hyundai-Santa-Fe-2018-Car-Shades-Set


How to Ensure You’re Buying the Right Set:

To avoid purchasing a set that doesn’t fit your vehicle, the key is to confirm the accurate build code of your car. The best place to find this information is in your car insurance policy. Look for the Build Code, which is typically a two-letter code assigned by the manufacturer to distinguish the generation of the model.

For example, if your car insurance policy states “HYUNDAI Santa Fe 3rd Gen DM 2012-2018,” the correct build code is “DM.” This ensures you select the right car shades for your specific vehicle model.


Why Build Code Matters:

The overlap of generations often occurs when purchasing vehicles during year-end sales or as run-out models. Dealers may clear older builds to make room for new stock.


Understanding your vehicle’s build code becomes crucial in such scenarios to avoid compatibility issues.


Result of a mix up in vehicle build.


What If You Purchase the Wrong Set

In the unfortunate event of a mistaken purchase, follow these steps:

  1. Keep Shades Clean: Ensure the car shades remain in pristine condition, as any damage may void the warranty and impede the exchange or refund process.
  2. Contact Us: Reach out immediately via phone or email. Provide photos of the car shades on your window and images of your vehicle for accurate evaluation.
  3. Return Process: If deemed a wrong model, return the goods in resalable condition. You will be responsible for return postage and re-delivery costs resulting from the oversight.
  4. Exchange or Refund: Upon receiving the return, we will exchange the correct set if available. If not, you may opt for a refund as per our detailed Return Policy.

Navigating the complexities of car shade selection is simplified when armed with the right information. Trust in our commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring you get the perfect shade for your vehicle.


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