What Should You Do If Car Sun Shade Does Not Fit?

December 20, 2020 0 By RVSUNSHADES

In rare case when you find that the car window shade does not fit your car window, there are few possibilities:

  1. Incorrect placement of the shade
  2. Wrong set of shade was purchased
  3. Wrong set of shade was delivered


If this happened, please follow the suggested process:

  1. Contact Us with Photos: The best and quickest way to find out the problem is to take some photos with car shade on window to show the situation. We can easily tell if the shade is a wrong model or if it is just positioning issue. Please send photos and descriptions to [email protected]
  2. When sending us photos via email, please also confirm your vehicle model, year and built code.


In case wrong set of shade was purchased, please return all items included in the package and send it back to us for exchange. Round trip postage to be paid by buyer.


In case wrong set of shade was delivered, we will organize postal return and send you return label. All you need is to print the label, secure it on product packing and pass to your local postage office. We will re-deliver a correct set when receiving returned set intact at no extra cost to buyer.



Please do not return item to us without authorization. If returned item proven to be issue free, buyer will be responsible for round trip postage.

Always send us photos showing the issue. We will confirm the issue and provide rectify solution in max 2 business days.