Awning Vinyl Repair Tape – Insane Tape

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Awning Vinyl Repair Tape – Insane Tape

Insane Tape is an extra thick, super strong adhesive vinyl film which resists breakdown and fading. The transparent colour allows for repairs on materials of any colour. Repairs rips, tears, weather/UV deterioration, and punctures to awnings, canvas, tents, knapsacks, above ground vinyl pool, etc.


Dimension 100mm x 1500mm
Colour Transparent
Applicable Surface Vinyl, Plastics, Rubber, Brick, Concrete, Metal, Glass, Wood, Stucco, Plaster, Ceramics, Fibreglass, EDPM


    • Strong bond on vinyl, plastic, PVC, and hard smooth surface
    • 100% waterproof
    • applicable on wet surface


Awning Vinyl Repair Example:


Caravan Awning Fabric Repair 1

1. Repair a cut/torn vinyl fabric. Ensure the repair areas are clean and free from grease and dirt.


Caravan Awning Fabric Repair 2

2. Cut a piece of Insane Tape long enough to cover the cut/torn. Peel off the backing film (at the top side of the tape)


Caravan Awning Fabric Repair 3

3. Align the cut/torn then adhere the Insane Tape piece from one end of the cut


Caravan Awning Fabric Repair 4

4. Secure the tape over the cut by pressing firmly along the cut/torn with finger


Caravan Awning Fabric Repair 5

5. Use a smooth but firm object to scrub and press the tape onto the vinyl to make sure all areas are firmly adhered. it is easy to tell by the colour changes if applying on coloured vinyl.


Awning Vinyl Repair

6. Use hot air gun or hair dryer to heat up the repair tape to cure the glue and ensure adhesive is firmly attached, especially all the edges of the patch. Press the tape while it is warm. Don’t overheat and melt the tape. (This is an important step, especially if patching vinyl in low temperature/winter time, and then not going to use it in a hot sunny day right away, uncured adhesive might peel. If this happened, do this step)


Caravan Awning Fabric Repair 6

7. Repair work done


Caravan Awning Fabric Repair 8

8. Tape the back side is optional. However, if done on both sides, this repair will last for years.


You are welcome to contact us if any questions regarding your repair job.


*images are for reference only

Awning Vinyl Repair Tape – Insane Tape

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  1. Perfect product. Great description delivery was quick without any issues, easy

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  3. Excellent tape. Backing plastic makes sizing, cutting and application an absolute breeze. Not cheap but very effective.

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  4. The tape is super adhesive..working well on van awning so far.

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  5. Great product

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