RVSUNSHADES® Installation Instruction

Whether mounting tags are required depending on the car window design and trim. Our car shades are magnetic snap-on type require a metal surface to magnetized on. For windows wrapped with vinyl trim, mounting tags are required. 

Models require mounting tags:

  • AUDI all models
  • BMW all models
  • Mercedes-Benz all models
  • HOLDEN Colorado
  • Land Rover Discovery all Models
  • Range Rover all models
  • Porsche all models
  • Volvo all models

Car Shade Installation Without Mounting Tags

The majority of makes & models require no mounting tags at all, some require bottom tags to avoid shades fall off when the car door is shut hardly.

Car Shade Installation Requiring Mounting Tags

For vehicles with vinyl finishing, self-adhesive mounting  tags are required. Following are procedures to install RVSUNSHADES®.

Putting RVSUNSHADES® magnetic car shades on is straightforward. If there are a question and uncertainty about installing car shades, please do contact us and let us guide you through.

The above list is not a complete list due to the number of car models. If you are not sure, please send us photos of your car window so that we can provide advice to you.

Window frames are different between car models. For models that require self-adhesive mounting tags, a set is included with the sunshade set. This installation instruction uses a model with a window frame metal surface covered by vinyl.

Vinyl door trims are frequently touched & rubbed by hands. Grease and dust will prevent mounting tag adhesive tape from sticking on. Please clean vinyl thoroughly with medical alcohol or vinyl safe degreaser thoroughly on the mounting surface, before applying self-adhesive mounting tags.


Cold Surface Installation:
Ambient and mounting surface temperature affect adhesiveness. If you fit mounting tags on a cool surface (eg below 26 degrees Celsius), warming up the adhesive tape and the mounting surface with a hairdryer to improve the instant adhesiveness. 

In case the mounting tag detached from vinyl trim soon after putting it on, DO NOT through the tag away.  Warm up the tag and mounting surface under the sun or use hair dryer and try again.

If the tags keep failing to adhere. leave the tags on vinyl trim but do not fit shade yet. Put your car under hot sun for a day. The heat will soften the adhesive and making the tag firmly adhere to vinyl. 


Mounting Tag:

The complementary mounting tags are not magnets. They are self-adhesive plastic tag with a metal plate in it for attracting magnets on car shade wireframe. If your car window frame is not wrapped with vinyl, mounting tag is optional. 

We provide sufficient mounting accessories for your car shades. It is your call to decide if you need to use them. We suggest that you should first snap shades onto your car window first. If car shades stay in place, you may store those accessories away. You may or may not use them in later days.

Magnetic Car Shade Installation Example on an AUDI


Step 1 - Locate magnets and test positioning


The magnet pieces on the wire frame are very easy to be identified without even touching them. You will find magnets on the top frame and bottom frame.

Before attaching mounting tags to the vehicle, test positioning by placing sunshade onto the window, verify if sun shades you received are correct for your car model before starting to fit mounting bases.

Step 2 - Attach mounting base to sun shades

rvsunshades installation 3

The mounting tag has a metal piece on the top section and a self-adhesive tape on the bottom. With mounting base metal piece facing sun shade magnet, the mounting tag will snap on to sunshade when the mounting tag is placed close to sun shade magnet.

At this stage, do not peel backing plastic of self-adhesive tape yet.

Step 3 - Final confirmation of sun shade positioning


Before adhering the mounting tag onto the car window, position sun shade again to confirm if the mounting tag has sufficient surface to apply the self-adhesive tape on.

Step 4 - Adhering mounting bases onto vinyl finishing

rvsunshades installation 5
rvsunshades installation 7

When you have determined the mounting tag spots, adhere mounting base ONE BY ONE.

Peel-off self-adhesive strip backing plastic film of #1 mounting base, and leave the mounting tag magnet on sunshade, place sunshade on its position, then press the mounting base to anchor it on its designated spot.

After mounting the first tag, peel off the backing film of the next tag and repeat the process as you put the first tag.

We suggest adhering the bottom mounting tags first because bottom mounting tags are adhered on an upward surface, which is not flexible to adjust the position. Top mounting bases are easy to self locate after bottom mounting tags are mounted.



Reserve a gap of 1cm from window glass will ensure car shade not interfering with window winding up and down.

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