4WD Window Sun Shades Rear

4WD Sun Shades | 4x4 Rear Window Shades

UV & Sun Blocking

Block UV & Sunlight effectively, protect your family from harmful UV and harsh sunlight while travelling in your 4WD.

Our 4WD window sun shades mesh cloth is optimized for UV & sun blocking, but not blocking blind spot check vision like some other competing car sun shade products.

Keep Interior Cool

When driving or parking your 4WD in outdoor areas, Australian harsh sunlight heats up car interior fast.

High interior temperature greatly reduce power consumption efficiency of car fridge in your 4x4. It also caused higher fuel consumption with air-conditioning running.

Protect 4WD Interior

Sunlight & UV are the main causes for 4WD interior aging. Heat & UV damage parts made from plastic, vinyl and leather, decolorizing fabrics fast.

With 4WD back window and side windows sun shades, interior trims and leather are well protected from direct sunlight & UV.

Glare Reduction

Driving your 4x4 in a hot sunny day, glare getting into driver's eye sight from every window. With our magnetic 4WD window sun shades, they greatly reduced glare from behind and side windows, allowing conformtable driving.

You cannot tell the difference until tried, then you will not drive without it.