HOLDEN Sun Shade by RVSunShades

HOLDEN car window magnetic sun shades, premium snap-on window sunshades, blocking harmful UV, keep your HOLDEN car interior cool and dark, keep away prying eyes, exceptional privacy. Magnetic frame design to snap shades onto the interior of the car window frame.

Stylish UV protection, RVSUNSHADES car shades for HOLDEN cars.

HOLDEN Car Window Sun Shades

Protect yourself from harmful UV rays, even in the peak of summer by using a Holden Sun Shade from RV Sun Shades. Our quality Holden window shades block the sun’s glare and protect both your passengers and the inside of your vehicle from sunlight damage.

This collection of Holden window shades have a magnetic frame, allowing the shade to easily and firmly snap onto the metal car window frame. You can use the Holden window shades with the windows up or the windows down, protecting you from debris and flying insects as well as UV rays.

Hose wash your sun shade and leave to air dry – it’s that quick and simple. Our window shades for Holden cars are a cheaper alternative to window tinting, keeping your interiors cool and shaded all year round.

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