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Replacement Awning Fabric for 10ft Awningย 

IMPORTANT: This product is for Roll-out awning only, and not suitable for box awning

Confirm The Right Size

If you are operating within a very narrow margin, such as less than 50mm, please provide precise measurements for reconfirmation.

Ensure to select the correct projection, either 7ft or 8ft, plus the valance, to meet your specific requirements.

Awning Post to Post

(3048mm ยฑ50)

Fabric Width

2.8m – 9’2″
(2799mm ยฑ20)

Barrel Length

(Aluminum Profile)

Projection: 8 FT (2360/2440mm + Valance)

Grey Scale Stripes (Code: 10-BK-ST)

Grey Scale Gradient (Code: 10-BK-FD)

Blue Stripes (Code: 10-BU-ST)

Blue White Gradient (Code: 10-BU-FD)

Projection: 7 FT (2054/2134mm + Valance)

Grey Scale Stripes (7-10-BK-ST)

Grey Scale Gradient (7-10-BK-FD)

Blue Stripes (7-10-BU-ST)

Blue White Gradient (7-10-BU-FD)