Stock Status

The following items are in the BACKORDER status:


Out Of Stock Items Availability (ETA)* Confidence**
Caravan Privacy Screen 3.7X1.9m Mid June 2022 90%
Caravan Privacy Screen 4.9×1.9m Mid June 2022 90%
Angle Cut End Wall V2 Mid June 2022 90%
Offroad 2.2m drop side and end walls Mid June 2022 90%
Extension Porch 1.5m with shade Mid June 2022 90%
Awning Protector Mid June 2022 90%
LC300 Windshield Solar Screen Mid June 2022 70%
LC300 Front Door Shades Mid June 2022 70%


* ETA is an estimation based on information provided by our factory and logistic company. It is a planned schedule but not a guarantee. 

** Confidence Level of ETA availability


Understanding Stock Status Message On Listing


Out Of Stock

You may place a backorder now. Item will be dispatched as soon as they become available. Estimated available date refers to Stock Status above.

Limited Stock

Limited Stock

Limited stock is available. Make a purchase ASAP before they run out.  Since products are sold in various channels, the quantity shown is not a real-time figure.

In case the item sold out, you may still place a backorder.

In Stock

In Stock

Plenty of stock is available for the item. In case the item sold out, you may still place a backorder.