How to select the Replacement Awning Fabric Size?

December 9, 2021 0 By RVSUNSHADES

How to select the right size Replacement Awning Fabric?

To avoid buying the wrong size of the replacement roll-out awning fabric for your caravan awning, please do read carefully. Because once the package was opened, there are strict rules for exchange*.

Follow the following steps and your order won’t go wrong.


Verify the size of your originalย 

There are 3 measurements you can cross-check which size you should purchase:

  1. Overall Awning Size: By measuring pole to pole distance, you get the awning size.
  2. Fabric Size: By measuring the existing awning fabric length (the side which parallels your van), you get the fabric size. Note: the extension length from your van is a standard/common size of 8ft (approx 2.4m)
  3. Barrel length: By measuring the aluminum profile section (barrel of your awning), you get the profile length measurement, which indicates the maximum length of fabric it can take.


Check and select the right size product listing page

The best flow to select the right listing page of the awning you intend to buy:

Select the right size awning fabric 1

Select the size you are looking for


Select the right size awning fabric 2

Cross-check the figures


Select the right size awning fabric 3

Select the color you like


Caravan Privacy Screens MeasurementDON’Ts

  1. DO NOT use your caravan size as a reference when selecting awning fabric size. Different size awnings can be fitted on identical size caravans
  2. DO NOT use awning size as fabric size. In general, fabric size is approximately 10″ (5″ on each side) shorter than the awning size. This is the space allowance for the awning structure, anti-flap bars, and guide ropes to secure the awning.
  3. DO NOT guess. If any uncertainty, contact us via message/email or call us directly during business hours.


Exchange due to buying the wrong size

Exchange due to buying the wrong size could be costly and restricted. If you realize the size mistake before opening/unpacking the product, notify us by email to [email protected] ASAP. Your cost would be the round trip postage.

If the product is unpacked but has not been fitted, and the fabric is clean as new. Fold it back the way it was, then email us for an exchange request. Shall such exchange be accepted, a handling fee and a re-delivery fee is chargeable to recover our labor in checking and re-packing the item to resell.

We reserve the right to disapprove and reject an exchange request if the returned item requires significant cleaning, repackaging and handling, or with marks etc. as it cannot be resold.

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*If the fabric was not folded back to its original state, and any dirt adhered to the fabric, we cannot accept for exchange because the buyer won’t accept such item as brand new.