How to prevent awning fabric from premature deterioration?

December 3, 2021 0 By RVSUNSHADES

How to prevent awning fabric from premature deterioration?

In general, vinyl awning fabrics normally last for 2-3 years before they need to be replaced.

No matter how good is the material, without proper care and maintenance, it could deteriorate prematurely.

RVSUNSHADES replacement awning fabric care

Proper care of your awning fabric

  1. After every use, rinse off any organic wastes left on the fabric, eg leaf, grass, birds dropping.
  2. Use SOFT brush to brush off any residuals if they cannot be rinsed off.
  3. NEVER use a HARD brush for a quick job. A hard brush works faster than soft ones in removing tough residuals on fabric but will damage the laminate layer causing premature deterioration.
  4. NEVER use abrasive cleaners, chemical detergents to wash awning fabrics. Just clean water should be used in the cleaning process. For tough residuals, place a wet cloth over to soften it then brush it off lightly.
  5. Allow the awning to dry off thoroughly before rolling it up.


Proper handling and maintenance of your awning fabric

  1. Avoid creases while rolling up awningCustomer Review Photo
    when rolling up your awning, especially for older awning fabric. Crease could cause fine cracks on the vinyl surface. Vinyl coating starts to deteriorate from these fine cracks.
  2. Eliminate awning fabric flapping
    When using awning on windy days, anti-flap bars and bow support bars are highly recommended to eliminate awning fabric flapping in wind. Vinyl flapping causes the vinyl to crack easily. Deterioration starts from cracks as previously mentioned.
  3. Avoid using awning under trees
    Falling tree branches, big and small, could cause scratches on vinyl. Scratches on vinyl will speed up the aging process under various weather conditions.
  4. Patch any crack as soon as discoveredcloth tape
    Whenever a crack is found, patch it with cloth tape to slow down the further development of the crack. Cloth tape has fabric mesh built-in to limit vinyl from stretching in patched areas. Normal duct tape is stretchable and not being able to limit cracks from further developing. The same method can be used for accidental damage to the fabric.


The life span of any product you use relies on proper care and maintenance. Good quality products are not designed to be abused. If you want your awning to last longer, look after it.

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