Caravan Privacy Screens/End Walls

Caravan Sun Screens / Side Shades

Frustrated of caravan park neighbors seeing your every move under the awning area? Caravan privacy screens provide you a few protections:

  1. Protecting your privacy and keeping out of prying eyes
  2. Blocking harsh hot sun, keeping awning area cooler without blocking out your lookout vision completely
  3. Protecting awning area in poor weather, reducing wind blow and rain blowing directly into awning area

Caravan Sun Shade walls are one of the most popular caravan accessories, ensuring your private life in caravan park holidays.

Caravan side shade walls are very to install on roll-out awning of majority brands. All our caravan sidewalls come with dual splines (5 & 7mm) and compatible with all caravan awnings with sail tracks.

For your safety, supplied tent pegs are glow-in-the-dark tent pegs, allowing you to see pegs in the dark.

Our privacy screen shades are applicable to caravan awning, pop-top caravan & camper privacy screens.

What makes our caravan privacy screens standing out from others:

  1. heavy duty 220g virgin HDPE, tough and durable
  2. dual splines designed to fit any awning with a sail track on the awning barrel.
  3. glow-in-the-dark tent pegs for you and others safety
  4. heavy-duty stainless steel D-Rings on re-enforced tabs, both sides, and bottom edges
  5. fully hemmed edging to help prevent fraying
  6. extended drop at 1.9m to provide better coverage
  7. black shade material provide a cooler shading area and look classy

We are proud to supply the best quality & design caravan privacy screen in Australia. Our extra-large mesh type caravan sunscreen covers up to 6.1×1.9m.

We only supply top-quality, heavy-duty sun shade products to the Australian market.

Whether you are looking for a privacy screen for your caravan, pop-top caravan camper, motorhome, etc. we have the solution for your application.

With our premium caravan sunshade products and superb pre-sale and aftersale services, you can shop with confidence.

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