Magnetic Car Shade OR Tint Window? LUX Test Results Answered

January 11, 2021 0 By RVSUNSHADES

Many people did not aware of the major differences between magnetic car shades (mesh cloth type) and tint windows. Here we would like to share some information, wish this will assist you in your car shade buying decision.

In order to let you understand how effective car shades and window tinting, we have done our own test and share this test result for your reference. Thus, when you are planning to purchase shades to protect your baby and kid, you will have more information to help in making product selection and purchase decisions.


Vehicle without Tint or Car Shade

When a vehicle without window tinting or car shades, the passenger is suffering from strong sunlight and UV exposure while traveling. Lux reading is 2986. (You do not have to understand the light metering unit LUX, just take it as a scale for comparison)

Since testing vehicle window has a fixed rear section, tinted, which blocks some light already. If test on a car without tint, the reading could be higher.


Car without car shade and window tint


Car Window Tinting:

The major purpose of car window tinting is to provide UV protection by blocking UV via its Optical Property. Protection from UV light can be accomplished by film that addresses only the UV spectrum.


  1. blocks UV effectively
  2. reduce light transmission
  3. retain clear vision


  1. no effect when car window is down
  2. expensive to install
  3. no easy to be removed or replaced

When the testing vehicle with just legal tint, without car sunshade, the LUX reading is 1164.

Comparing to non protected vehicle of 2986 Lux, the legal tinted window reduced approx 61% light transmission into the car interior.


Vehicle with tinted window, without car window shade


Car Window Shades:

The major purpose of car window shade is to provide shading by blocking sunlight via its Physical Property. Greatly reduced strong sunlight from casting into the car interior. Since it blocks lights, partial UV will also be blocked.

Beware of some misleading advertisements claiming mesh-type car shade can reduce a great percentage of UV. For UV protection with Physical Property, the device has to be a block-out or extremely high-density mesh to achieve the claim. If such blockage percentage is met, you will never have a safe vision to drive.


  1. greatly reduced sunlight from casting into car interior
  2. easy to install and remove
  3. light blocking still in effect when the car window is down.


  1. less efficient in UV filtration comparing to tint window
  2. vision will slightly be affected

Shade mesh density varies between suppliers. We select the best and well-balanced mesh to maximize sunlight blocking with the least reduction in safety driving vision


Vehicle with car shade only

When the testing vehicle with just car window shade only, the LUX reading is 1045.

Comparing to non protected vehicle of 2986 Lux, the legal tinted window reduced approx 65% light transmission into the car interior.


A Combination of Car Shade & Tinted Window

Basically, Tinted Window is mainly for UV protection. Car Shade is mainly for light blockage.

We strongly suggest having both tinted windows and car shades in place, if you want to provide the best protection to your babies and kids.


Vehicle with both tinted window and car shade

When the testing vehicle with both car window shade and tinted window, the LUX reading is 710.

Comparing to non protected vehicle of 2986 Lux, the combination of car shade and tinted window reduced approx 76% light transmission into the car interior.


What other benefits of having mesh car window shade?

Apart from blocking sunlight, providing darker ambient for babies & kids, there are more benefits to have car shade fitted:

  1. Exceptional Privacy – car shade provides better privacy protection than legal tint. It is just like one-way vision film advertisement found on public transportation.
  2. Stop Prying Eyes – Car shade makes people outside of the vehicle hardly see what’s in your car, reducing chances of being breaking for belongings left in your car.
  3. Continous Protection – If you want some fresh air by winding down car windows, car shades work as tint windows to block lights and UV, and allows fresh air to get into your vehicle.
  4. Block Inserts – Preven flies and mosquitoes from getting into your car interior while the window is down.


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