Caravan Awning Protector Cover for 14ft Awning (WHITE)


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14ft Caravan Awning Protector Cover

(reduce weather damage, prolong awning fabric life span)


Caravan Awning Protector Cover is designed to protect retracted awning from weather damage while not in use. The significant benefits from using awning protector cover:

  1. Blocks UV. UV is one of the key factor for vinyl ageing problem and colour fading.
  2. Lower Temperature. Temperature is another key factor for vinyl ageing problem.
  3. Reduce Weather Damages. With RVSUNSHADES awning protector, awning fabric is protected from direct weather exposure.
  4. Always Clean. With cover, awning is covers and keep clean while not in use.


Size 4267x280mm to suit 14ft awning
Attachment Top: Spline Polycordย  |ย  Lower Corners: Nylon Straps
Material 560 gram (heavy duty vinyl)
Color White

Awning Protector Cover Colors


What’s Included:

  • caravan awning fabric protector
    (note: sail track is not included)

Awning Protector Contents

Superb Features:

  1. Heavy duty 560 gsm vinyl, strong and long lasting
  2. Ultrasound Welded Edges
  3. Easy to fit by adding sail track above existing awning (sail track not included)
  4. Prolong your awning fabric for years

Awning Protector Buckle Strap 1 Awning Protector Buckle Strap Awning Protector Untrasound Welding



Why are our caravan accessories products the best in Australia?

We specialised in design and produce caravan sun shades and accessories to suit the Australian harsh weather conditions.


Awning Protector Cover

*images are for reference only

Caravan Awning Protector Cover | Block UV & Direct Sunlight | Keep Cool

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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 15 cm



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